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Optimization of Perturb and Observe Maximum Power Point Tracking Method", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, 20(4): 963-973 (2005).
As a result, differential privacy is preserved to perturb the support of an individual pattern.
When the CN method is used to perturb the database, the best predictor of A, based on A, can be derived as(2)
That's almost exactly the same amount by which Neptune perturbs Uranus.
No loose ends or otherworldly intimations perturb Murphy's finely crafted, emotionally firm choreography.
An integral part of the Computational Toxicology initiative will be the use of relevant model organisms to expand our understanding of the regulation of biological processes and how toxicants can perturb these processes, with the goal of identifying the key mechanistic events for improved risk prediction.
Breakdown products of some commonly used flame retardants may perturb the normal production of sex hormones, according to preliminary test-tube experiments conducted by Dutch and Swedish scientists.