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In our approach, both the exponential mechanism and Laplace mechanism have been applied, respectively, to select top-k frequent patterns based on the masked weight and to perturb the true support of each pattern.
com on March 3, touched upon Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sahrif's visit to Saudi Arabia and said, "America and Saudi Arabia had decided to perturb Iran in case of failure of these talks [Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, France and Britain plus Germany)] and use Jundollah (terrorist group) for this purpose.
But You Are the Weather, 1994-95, Clowd and Cloun (Blue) and Clowd and Cloun (Gray) (both 2001), and Doubt by Water, 2003-2004, demonstrated that atmospheric or geographic conditions, in the trace of an exposure or a proximate representation, could infiltrate and perturb the human facies, imbuing it with a dissociated abundance.
These fish were fearless in their journey upstream, and no pesky tourists were going to perturb them.
We need tools to help us understand how complex exposures perturb complex systems.