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It is pertinent to mention here that on last hearing, Punjab government's counsel offered the bench to present the Model Town report in-camera for perusal which was accepted by the bench.
However, after perusal of the said list of validly nominated candidates, I have seen that you have flouted elections guidelines and your acts are biased and partisan," he added.
A quick perusal of his recent activity reveals he has sold a nice pair of golf slacks and bought a pack of Star Wars Darth Vader party rings for cupcakes.
EPL clubs, even those not making losses (such as the Rovers) aren't acquired on the basis of business logic; and a casual perusal of the history of EPL shows that the ownership of a team doesn't guarantee positive publicity.
The remarks at the International Atomic Energy Agency's general conference reflect the bitterness dividing Arab nations and Israel and its supporters over whether Israel should open up its nuclear program to the UN watchdog's perusal.
I've included the full court documents for your perusal.
On perusal of the appointment letter, the officer observed that it was neither signed by any authority, nor issued by the concerned branch of LHC, which showed that it was a fake document.
The illustrations bring the simple story to life, and there are many touches of humour to be found in a detailed perusal of them--for example, a page of the Pecking Order Post newspaper, and in the advertisements on buses and hoardings.
In fact, "the Russians are coming" has a quite different ring to it now as perusal of a book by an old mate of mine, Londongrad: From Russia With Cash - The Inside Story Of The Oligarchs (HarperCollins by Mark Hollingsworth and Stewart Lansley), reveals.
The care will have a bookcase filled with books for perusal and flat screen TVs so customers can watch the game in the evening.
SchirmerOnDemand allows users, with a one-time free registration, to instantly view the scores online and in most cases print them out for perusal.
The volume is suitable for occasional or periodic perusal, rather than prolonged reading or academic reference.