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Till she had made herself mistress of its contents, however, she could have neither repose nor comfort; and with the sun's first rays she was determined to peruse it.
So many times did he peruse and re-peruse it, that Newman considered it expedient to remind him of his presence.
I want you to look at this book, and, if you please, to take it, and peruse it at your leisure.
To prevent, therefore, giving offence to their customers by any such disappointment, it hath been usual with the honest and well-meaning host to provide a bill of fare which all persons may peruse at their first entrance into the house; and having thence acquainted themselves with the entertainment which they may expect, may either stay and regale with what is provided for them, or may depart to some other ordinary better accommodated to their taste.
The Government news and appointments (which Sir Pitt as a public man was bound to peruse, otherwise he would by no means permit the introduction of Sunday papers into his household), the theatrical criticisms, the fight for a hundred pounds a side between the Barking Butcher and the Tutbury Pet, the Gaunt House chronicle itself, which contained a most complimentary though guarded account of the famous charades of which Mrs.
Dolly might have remonstrated against this summary dismissal of the subject, notwithstanding the appearance of dinner, but at the mention of Blue Beard Mrs Varden interposed, protesting she could not find it in her conscience to sit tamely by, and hear her child recommended to peruse the adventures of a Turk and Mussulman--far less of a fabulous Turk, which she considered that potentate to be.
l Through the Alexandria Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara, anyone who wants to peruse maps, photos, satellite images, or graphs of Los Angeles, Ventura, or Santa Barbara will be able to pull them up on computer screens.
Potential buyers can peruse the listings and then contact sellers in person to arrange for a meeting during the SIGGRAPH conference.
If custards, puddings and such appeal to you, you'll want to peruse this volume.
Filmstrips were attached to the doors; films played on a small television; on a table one could peruse the publication Drehen Sie Filme, aber keine Filme
A win-win for both job seekers and employers, potential candidates can peruse the company profiles of potential employers while employers can search resumes and post job positions.
When van Tassel rose to sing a gentle ballad like "Serenity" or a playful one like "Memories," a dancer would lean quietly against a reassuring pillar or peruse a musical score that had been lying on a nearby table, or stroll over to turn a page for the pianist.