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Ward's scholarly thoroughness and precision, however, pervade the book, and this long-missing chapter in English music history will at last find a place on the library shelves.
His image appears in coats of arms and on countless illustrations that to this day pervade our lives.
Theorists have proposed hard-to-detect WIMPs as one of the candidates for the so-called dark, or missing, matter thought to pervade the universe.
The horrifying events of the past year in California and across the country are a sad reminder that the venom of hate continues to pervade society,'' Lockyer said.
Transmeta's LongRun2 technologies address the problems of excessive chip heat and transistor leakage, which pervade the semiconductor industry and are expected to get progressively worse as successive manufacturing technologies scale down to smaller dimensions.
Though toxic compounds pervade the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat, they only pose risks if they enter our bodies in biologically active quantities.
In doing so," Gerasimo continued, "we chose to sidestep the superficiality and hype that pervade many conventional fitness magazines in favor of an authentic, no-gimmicks approach.
With global resources costing one-third to one-fifth that of American employees -- without accounting for hidden costs -- and having higher process discipline, offshore strategies now pervade North American IT organizations.
Depression, suicide and mental health issues pervade our culture, and need to be addressed out in the open, in a supportive, non-judgmental environment," stated Steven Page, front man for the Barenaked Ladies.
As opportunities to deploy streaming technology pervade the enterprise environment, Streaming Media West 2004 will be the place to see how streaming can be used effectively in areas such as e-learning, human resources, advertising, marketing, and communications.
While the improving fundamentals of emerging market sovereigns are an encouraging sign, there are still isolated problems that pervade the sector and, as such, Fitch remains wary.
Blackberry and banana poka already pervade parts of Kauai damaged by Hurricane Iwa in 1982, Asquith says.