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52) Her recollection of explicit discriminatory tendencies demonstrates the powerful pervasion of machismo in contemporary Costa Rican society.
Given this perspective, it is profoundly misleading to follow Max Weber's characterisation of science's pervasion of the life-world as 'disenchantment'.
Memoona Riaz has critically analyzed the invasion and pervasion of private to public spaces, her commentary on how the divergence from one space to another carries through and within us a part from each encounter.
In light of consumers' more careful spending, the polarization of retail will most likely continue with a pervasion of smaller, more nimble stores as well as large, luxury flagships.
Foremost of these irregularities is perhaps the excessive wages commandeered within the financial sector - driven primarily by the pervasion of asymmetric information and the formulation and delivery of risky financial products - which in turn sustain high wages.
Pervasion of Quality management Multiple (2003) quality practices industries in China.
On the other hand, corruption and deep-rooted interpersonal conflict, which cannot be resolved easily, also result from the intentional pervasion of guanxi.
This is a roll-over Comment: The Runhead, another unusual pub name, is clearly a "food pub" not only evidenced by the number of people eating but sadly by the constant pervasion of cooking odours.
Whereas Rhodesians embraced and pushed for modernity and modernisation, (3) they denounced the moral pervasion and godlessness of modernism.
Christoph Strupp has taken up the task of researching this ideological pervasion of the Hamburg Hochbahn AG, the second largest local transport company in Germany at the time after the Berliner Verkehrsgesellschaft.
The exact disposition of small things--the precise shapes of trees, the tilt of a bucket, the movement of a straw, the disappearing right boot of Sergeant Snell--all minute noises, separate and distinct, in a stillness charged through with some approaching violence--registered not by the ear nor any single faculty--an on-rushing pervasion, saturating all existence; with exactitude, logarithmic, dial-timed, millesimal--of calculated velocity, some mean chemist's contrivance, a stinking physicist's destroying toy.