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Leave work on time at least once a week Friday is the perversely named "Work Your Proper Hours Day", because it's the day that those of us who work unpaid overtime on average move from the unpaid into the paid portion of our working year.
In today's world, those who receive the most recognition and praise are perversely often those who achieve the least.
Ian also, perversely, reveals a hatred for two things beloved by millions - strawberries and The Beatles.
How long they can sustain such a perversely Luddite (yet somehow also reassuringly Swiss) posture remains to be seen.
Similarly Samuel Huntington's academic projection of an impending clash between Islam and the West seems to have become frozen into a geopolitic inevitability in the imagination of some "serious" thinkers in Washington who have begun crafting policy almost perversely bent on accelerating, rather than avoiding, that clash.
Perversely, the same board is to be asked to give authority to sell council houses in adjoining streets such as Morpeth Road and Bingley Road into the private sector to enable repairs and improvements to these houses to be carried out.
Pratchett's perversely clever satires are populated with creatures who are preposterous exaggerations of our own frailties.
These perversely beautiful works isolate, to paraphrase Samuel Taylor Coleridge's line about the purpose of art, the "moment of [formal] transcendence" in the everyday without discarding its source.
While his reputation as a cult director stems mainly from the dark comedies Death Race 2000, Eating Raoul, and Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills, gay director Paul Bartel first drew attention with the perversely funny horror film Private Parts, now making a long-overdue debut on DVD.
At his most perversely romantic, he spoke of breeding a "secular savior.
Saddam and his henchmen devised perversely inventive ways to torture and kill political dissidents, and the exalted likeness of the 'Dear Leader' was pervasive, but Saddam did little to disrupt, reform, or destroy private institutions and customs.