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Much like the experience of viewing the Tri-bar triangle--and, we argue in this paper, the experience of being in touch with a perverse patient--reading the vast literature on perversion can sometimes feel like searching for a shape that never quite materialises.
In this contribution to the sparse scholarship in English on the perversion of law and morals in Nazi Germany, Steinweis (Holocaust studies, U.
The attention of queer theory to perversion can thus take us an even greater distance toward thinking impossible things and for refusing the demands of normativity in theorizing young people and their texts--whether those demands take the form of refusing definitions-as-usual (as they do for Butler) or the temporal constructions of possibility (as they do for the White Queen).
Por lo tanto, no cabria esperar que autores "no-lacanianos" desarrollaran el intento de aislar una estructura propiamente perversa, esto es, una perversion que no seria ni un rasgo perverso en una estructura neurotica, ni una psicosis compensada en una actuacion perversa.
For the other, perversion is defined as an absolute concept (a priori) which is applied regardless the social contexts like a bridge between what persons says and do.
Perversion, defined as any act or practice or viewpoint which subverts procreation in the physical sense, is creative impulse.
Gays and trannies are not suffering from any illness or affliction - it's just a perversion of their own making.
In an air of perversion within a candlelit pentagram in Aaron's basement, accompanied by the grotesque sacrifice of a fellow student, the three teens perform sexual deeds upon each other, strangely compelled by unseen forces.
Kennedy, along with students Megan Lee and Patrick Buckalew, spent last summer digging through the university's archives, uncovering documents confirming Brady's campaign to increase "general campus awareness of the perversion [of homosexuality].
Boone called gay people "sodomites" who, he said, "are really nasty about trying to stop us from taking away their perversion.
To think about money first is a perversion of the process.
Butterman engages in a through critical presentation of Mattoso's work in terms of his place in Brazilian literature and the various contexts of his writing in terms of the treatment of sexuality, the hypocrisy of socio-sexual ideologies, the importance of the fetish in his understanding of sexual desire, and, in general, the comprehensive formation of a record of the literary representation of perversion as central and crucial to sexual desire.