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Bartel says Dateline relied too much on Perverted Justice; she claims, for example, that the group would show the program's producers only selected excerpts from chat logs.
According to Collin County, Texas, District Attorney John Roach, the involvement of Perverted Justice activists made the chat logs from their stings useless in court.
That's why Attorney General John Ashcroft, in another statement that stirred controversy, told Southern Partisan magazine to keep praising Confederate heroes "or else we'll be taught that all these people were giving their lives, subscribing their sacred fortunes and their honor to some perverted agenda.
Preaching to the Perverted, which ran for about a month to mostly positive reviews, is an interesting artifact for at least two reasons.
Less an artwork than a piece of spoken nonfiction presented with a minimal set and props, Preaching to the Perverted lives up to the first half of its labored title.
Preaching to the Perverted begins with Hughes throwing a bunch of American flags on the floor while she recites a litany of artists who ran afoul of the political right in the late '80s and early '90s.
Clinton has allowed his perverted sense of the sexual life to dominate him from the day he assumed the presidency.
Clinton's behaviour has reinforced the current culture's perverted misunderstanding of sexual relations: no restraints, no responsibilities, just momentary fun and games.
PERVERTED SCIENCE The Perverted Science gang return to 333 in London's Old Street tonight.
The line-up consists of Pete Herbert, who is one third of Atlas Records, plus DJ L, resident and co-promoter of Perverted Science.
One of the East End's best underground club nights, Perverted Science leaps back into party action tonight.
You can also hear the Perverted Science crew on their bi-weekly radio show on www.