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When it comes to the state of the national economy, only 7 per cent said they feel that it is good, slightly less than the French where 9 per cent are positive about the economy and less pessimistic than the Greeks where only 2 per cent feel good about their own economy.
Women feel significantly worse about the economy than men, with 66% saying that they were pessimistic, compared to 56% of men.
J COLLINS Neil says: You asked for it - you're pessimistic.
Last year, the Abound Resources survey found only 16% of credit union executives were either somewhat or very pessimistic in 2012.
CFOs are more pessimistic, while in North America as a whole, 40 percent were more pessimistic, up from 28 percent last quarter.
It tested a theory-driven mediation model of NSSI that featured pessimistic explanatory style as a cognitive mediator between childhood emotional abuse and frequency of NSSI in the previous year.
Those companies who were pessimistic outweighed those who were optimistic by 14%.
Last year, 36% were confident and 5% very confident about their growth potential while 39% were not very confident, 5% pessimistic and 7% very pessimistic.
According to the Lloyds TSB Spending Power Report, 55% said they felt pessimistic about their finances, compared to 51% in January.
The consumer confidence index indicates an optimistic outlook when the index is above 100, but it gives a pessimistic outlook when it is below 100.
The House star admitted he is naturally pessimistic and said it was because of his ancestors.
Do you think the cartoonist is optimistic or pessimistic about the issue?