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Loved ones said as well as being pestered by charities, she "lost faith in people" when PS250 cash she sent to a relative went missing in the post.
But after this you will probably need a bank loan to pay for all the new toys you'll be pestered for.
People are being pestered regularly by PPI reclaim calls, do these calls bother you and do you think something should be done to control them?
SHE'S the sexy medium who can talk to the dead in TV smash Ghost Whisperer - now Jennifer Love Hewitt has revealed she's being pestered by fans who believe she really can see ghosts.
The survey found more than half of parents had been asked for junk food that came with a free toy or token, 45% had been asked for items their children had seen on TV and 41% had been pestered for food with a cartoon character on the packaging.
Pestered parents are suffering injuries after spending too long playing video games with their children, it was claimed yesterday.
Steve McKenzie - dubbed King Rat for his antics - also pestered Marie Borthwick, 37, to reveal how much he would get if she passed away.
A FACTORY worker who pestered a 'bondage queen' on a chatline was yesterday jailed for 16 months.
Maybe it's because he's 15 years old; maybe it's because of his bright orange hair, which has earned him the nickname of "Strawberry"; or maybe it's because he's always being pestered by dead people.
But when Ryan Walcott pestered Luke Ridnour into a shot-clock violation, Bozeman was recalled to the bench and Walcott stayed in.
On four occasions when damselfish pestered an octopus, Norman saw it poke six of its legs down a burrow and spread the other two.
The idea for a web company occurred after friends continually pestered him to buy items over the Internet or find sites to sell their products.