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Pestilential infestations aside, the local pride evidenced by the Sunderland Daily Echo in this "small army of immortals" was doubtless echoed in other provincial towns: "They are Sunderland children trained by Miss Hanman and the management say they have never had so little trouble in preparing youngsters for the play" (2 Apr.
They believe that in case of partial decay, which is highly probable, cow dung will be more pestilential and may contaminate soil.
To make his case, he points to the unbalanced ecosystems of the eastern woodlands, where deer populations have reached pestilential proportions.
And a lot of those are the kinds of species that are pestilential for us--cockroaches, rats, mice, starlings, crows in some places, cats in some places, dogs in other places.
As a result of the fermentation and gas resulting from pulpy, clayey bread, the air in cafes is pestilential.
The tested organic materials were pestilential and possessed significant reduction in M.
Forty days were believed to represent the time necessary for dissipating the pestilential miasma from bodies and goods through the system of isolation, fumigation, and disinfection.
His lawsuit against the higher power reads: "defendant directly and proximately has caused, inter alia, fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornados, pestilential plagues.
Before modern medicine, for instance, genius commonly died young, cities were pestilential sinkholes, and the tropics were full-fledged killing grounds for outsiders.
Entombed in pestilential rookeries and impasses, respectable workers and the unemployable alike languished without the benefit of sunlight, beyond the gaze of the middle class.