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The coming of La Petite, bringing with her as she did the pungent atmosphere of an outside and dimly known world, was a shock to these two, living their dream-life.
Of course, the sea rose with the wind frightfully; and I shall never forget the first three seas the Petite Jeanne shipped.
The second sea filled the Petite Jeanne'S decks flush with the rails; and, as her stern sank down and her bow tossed skyward, all the miserable dunnage of life and luggage poured aft.
But Captain Oudouse had on the Petite Jeanne something I had never before seen on a South Sea schooner--a sea anchor.
It was about midday when the Petite Jeanne went to pieces, and it must have been two hours afterwards when I picked up with one of her hatch covers.
We have been partners from the day the Petite Jeanne went down," he said at last.
A whole quarter of that town, on account of many Russians residing there, is called La Petite Russie--Little Russia.
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Petite Enchantments(TM) launches website curating the finest clothing and event styling decor just in time for the Holidays, featuring items from newborns up to six year olds.
La Petite Maison Dubai has completed five years in Dubai, and the restaurant renowned for its French Mediterranean cuisine in the UAE marked the occasion with a series of celebrations.
Les tresses dans le vent Du haut de ses dix ans Dans le jardin de sa maison Une petite fille regarde le vent Sagement
That's how Stonyfield describes its Petite Creme, a low-fat smooth cheese made from cultured non-fat milk and cream and inspired by the French fromage blanc.
Most significantly, at 5'1" in height, even fame had never guarded her from problems finding great clothes to fit her petite frame perfectly - until she discovered NEXT PETITES.