petition for release

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Fikret Duran, one of the lawyers representing Karaca, maintained that one of the prosecutors on duty in the ystanbul Courthouse over the weekend told him he cannot sign Duran's petition for release out of a fear for his life.
The more recent petition for release of the phone tapes was made by an EPUD customer, Don Beck.
ANIMAL lovers will have to wait for some more days to know about the fate of Sunder, the captive elephant for whom they have filed a petition for release, as the Bombay High Court postponed the case by a week.
com/Sudan-Tribune-journalist-arrested,40630 Sudan Tribune - Sudan Tribune launches petition for release of journalist
She also ordered the release of Rabiah last month, but she denied a petition for release from Odah.
The petition for release was made by an EPUD customer, Don Beck.