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Similarly, petitionary prayer does not use a two-way communication with God; it is self-focused and would not be expected to enhance closeness to God (Poloma & Gallup, 1991; Whittington & Scher, 2010).
Prayer was operationalized in the current study using a measure of meditative and petitionary prayer (Poloma & Pendleton, 1989).
IN ANCIENT ISRAEL, God characteristically answers petitionary prayers with powerful intervention.
Prayer to Mother Earth and Father God in ritual context illustrates the communicative and petitionary features of both religions: two vocabularies, two metaphors.
A comparison of Welsh and Anglo-Saxon petitionary poems points out the differences in two poetic traditions.
Specifically, they determined that existential well-being and religious satisfaction are affected by meditative prayer, negative affect by ritual prayer, happiness by colloquial prayer, and no indicators by petitionary prayer.
17) It is to him that Jews directed their petitionary prayers, fully expecting a positive response, but not always receiving it.
Colloquial or meditative prayer is associated with well-being, but petitionary prayer increases rumination and negative affect (Poloma & Pendleton, 1991).
John Davidson, Marney's associate and chair of the associational committee on petitionary letters, presented the churches by unanimous recommendation.
While with the first petitionary blessing, De'ah, we say: "Who graces with knowledge," in the second blessing we say: "Who desires repentance.
The fifth stanza contains a final, petitionary prayer.