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Despite a mass of detail it does not address the underlying feeling of resentment felt by many who see Brussels as a provider of pettifogging rules and regulations - and generally interfering in our affairs.
If you survive one, having the aircraft totaled will seem like a pettifogging detail compared to being alive.
This second volume audaciously rereads the early Augustine against himself, not only to disambiguate Manichaeism from the North African's pettifogging but also to present a subversive interpretation of Augustine as a novice Nicene Christian.
50) William Camden described "Frantick" Hacket as a man of vulgar, mean background who taught that "it was lawful for a true Christian, though a country peasant, to inform kings how to sway the sceptre and to depose the queen herself'; he noted that Patrick Cullen, purportedly another would-be killer of the queen, was an Irish fencing master; he depicted Edward Squire, accused of trying to poison Elizabeth, as "one of the ordinary sort of men, who having been first a pettifogging clerk, afterwards an under servant in the queen's stable, and [then] a solider in Drake's last voyage.
Well, I'd like Ed Miliband to ease some of the nasty, pettifogging, illiberal restrictions on trade union freedom.
This film also makes allusions to the variety films of the Marx Brothers and to Billy Wilder's The Fortune Cookie (1966), through the wife of Pepe, a pettifogging lawyer who encourages his wife to pretend to be handicapped to take advantage of some people.
When the country obtained independence in 1948, it was a secular state, and a host of Sinhalese Leaders who were involved with political pettifogging are no more with us and they all are not fondly remembered by the country.
According to Julia Annas (1976), scholars generally view M-N as 'a pettifogging discussion of mystical nonsense' (1).
The President, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Delegates were not notified of my determination, they were not bothered with pettifogging details of why a temporary associate justice was needed, and the President was not distracted from his other duties to exercise his appointment power.
Cohen insists, "thrives upon pettifogging, bribery, and corruption.
But for this, it requires to create a credible climate of opinion, where it can come across as a party that is trying to push economic growth and which is being hampered by the Opposition and pettifogging allies.