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Well, I'd like Ed Miliband to ease some of the nasty, pettifogging, illiberal restrictions on trade union freedom.
According to Julia Annas (1976), scholars generally view M-N as 'a pettifogging discussion of mystical nonsense' (1).
The President, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Delegates were not notified of my determination, they were not bothered with pettifogging details of why a temporary associate justice was needed, and the President was not distracted from his other duties to exercise his appointment power.
Cohen insists, "thrives upon pettifogging, bribery, and corruption.
But for this, it requires to create a credible climate of opinion, where it can come across as a party that is trying to push economic growth and which is being hampered by the Opposition and pettifogging allies.
A careful consideration of the pleadings, counterpleadings, replications and rejoinders, in the numerous cases quoted in this volume, only tend to confirm the general opinion, that all the craft and chicanery which go to build up the reputation of a successful pettifogging attorney arc called into operation, apparently for the mere purpose of diminishing the chances of equitable redress.
Ghana then entered a dark period of repression - all of which would never have occurred if the Limann administration and its security goons had trusted the people of Ghana with real democracy and stopped pettifogging and making unnecessary enemies.
The debate has at times been acrimonious, tendentious and pettifogging - on both sides.
vision that must elude pettifogging accountants and risk managers.
Launching his argument with a welcome insight--that California remains a large state with good weather and clever people--Arends goes on to posit that all this bad news is just pettifogging by conservative pundits.
It's not for pettifogging pen-pushers to decide what is "related to the UO's missions of education and research.
He was denied Marshal of the RAF status for pettifogging bureaucratic reasons.