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The meanness and pettiness of the society in which I had moved, the emptiness and selfishness of women of fashion, had taught me to wish for and to seek an elect soul, and now I had found it--too late.
They have never entered into mine, but into yours, we thought--Haven't we all to struggle against life's daily greyness, against pettiness, against mechanical cheerfulness, against suspicion?
Try to cast aside the pettiness, That's so prevalent these days.
He said on Twitter: "I don't wish to be associated with a party condoning indiscipline, pettiness, underhand deals for power.
Is such pettiness worthwhile, in the overall scheme of things, when business taxes are being cut at the expense of public services?
President Nicos Anastasiades on Wednesday called on Cypriots to put aside internal disputes and pettiness and move forward as a collective "by consensus and with respect for history.
Action should be taken against the Newbury stewards for such pettiness.
It seems amazing that Amble's renaissance should be blurred by pettiness when we are looking at a town that is such a brilliant place to visit, shop and enjoy leisure time.
New Delhi, July 24 ( ANI ): Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Nilotpal Basu on Thursday said that it is pettiness on Bhartiya Janta Party's part to comment on Sania Mirza and comment on the basis of her marriage.
Politicians can no longer afford to engage in pettiness or Byzantine debates over how presidents have been and should be elected in Lebanon -- the question is whether they have a plan to help the country exit its current state of drift and paralysis.
Pettiness of foreign sponsors of new authorities in Kiev is astonishing, reported Itar-Tass citing Minister Lavrov.
This service was set up earlier this month and I believe it illustrates how beautifully and hilariously powerful human jealousy and pettiness really is.