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Six employees--alleged to have received large, secret bonuses from the agency's petty cash fund in addition to regular salaries -- were fired.
Nash broke in overnight between May 27 and 30 and stole PS100 in petty cash.
However, he did return and was caught on CCTV breaking into the retreat and taking the petty cash.
He tried to replace it by using money from the petty cash box, but within two months he had lost PS40,454 of the firm's money.
Instead she kept every penny for herself, and at the same time was raiding the home's petty cash fund of up to PS200 a week.
Instead, he might have been holed up in Bute House fending off claims of petty cash discrepencies after the rental of a hall for a Hamilton South CLP quiz night.
The consideration received for the sale of these units consisted of the amount of $300,000 plus the value of petty cash and inventories.
On a monthly basis, a business should scrutinize daily and weekly journals, post numbers to a general ledger; create a profit-and-loss statement; reconcile bank accounts; balance petty cash accounts; date accounts receivables to see what payments are late; and perform inventory control to reduce stock that moves slowly and increase items that move quickly.
Whether it's handling invoices without POs, invoice discrepancies, unclaimed checks, wire transfers, p-card disputes, master vendor file issues, petty cash funds, or 1099 forms, this guide can help you respond and build a coherent set of policies.
Michelle suggests to Carla the pair go on a shopping spree, but instead Carla empties the petty cash tin and heads straight to the casino.
The policy says that procurement costing below $150 may be made from approved petty cash or revolving bank accounts.
AN Englishman's home is his castle - except when two thugs storm in to demand petty cash, a top judge said.