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Christine's childhood friend Meg Giry--played by Summer Strallen--from the original Phantom of the Opera, grows jealous as her place as the star of Phantasma is overshadowed by Christine.
As Scaliger's Aristotelian contemporaries often point out, and as Scaliger himself assumes in his commentary on Hippocrates, "the intellect never thinks without an image": that is, without receiving a phantasma given to it by the spirits that are the soul's instruments.
Insofar as Huck is individually concerned, it betokens not so much in-natured terra phantasma as denatured terra nulla--land that does not exist.
12) Characters such as Ingenioso, Furor Poeticus, Phantasma, Philomusus, and Studioso recognize the advent of a system that fails to recognize them and retreat from it--leaving the field, in a sense, to the writers they criticize.
An illusion is an image, a phantasma, or a sensory image that appears but the person having it knows that is not real.
A traditional French market will also set up stalls in Roald Dahl Plass, and there will be a range of attractions such as ghostly street performers Phantasma Dance and the roving band of pirates Desperate Men, who will judge a Best Dressed Pirate competition on Bank Holiday Monday.
Chapter 8: Meaning also requires the cognitive capacity, which involves conceptualizing the content presented in the phantasma (image).
What Hamlet believes that he is presenting, however, is a phantasma, or image of the past that corresponds to a memory held by Claudius.