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Spenser's thought, however, seems to differ from Ficino's in one respect, namely the soul for the English poet exists in a living real, not phantasmal reality, and is searching for communion.
Later, a slightly older Stephen realizes that the "hollow sounding voices" of his schoolmates disturb the solitude he prefers and that "he was happy only when he was far from them, beyond their call, alone or in the company of phantasmal comrades" (858).
Castrillo's works are hardly phantasmal and ineffable like ghosts.
That tradition assures the 18th century's continued cultural relevance but also forms an insuperable barrier separating it from posterity, because "invoking Pushkin as the origin, as our everything,' also inevitably and repeatedly relegates the eighteenth century to a kind of phantasmal, collective nothing'" (270).
Noir's dark registers of guilt, its seedy urban haunts, and its often nihilistic violence are commonly said, these days, to manifest a potent but often unconscious estrangement from civil society, typically expressed through the white detective's phantasmal border work with threatening racialized or gendered others (Rabinowitz 2002; Enfin 2010; Auerbach 2008; Breu 2006; McCann 1995).
When I read Jack Kirby's comics, for instance, there is a certain phantasmal sense in which I am touching his hand.
His Uncle Newton Booth, governor of California and the family's "living Great Man," once gave a dinner for three-year-old Booth and his imaginary friends the Hunchbergs, complete with empty chairs for the guests, a plate for their phantasmal dog Simpledoria, and cigars for Mr.
So any settled expectations expressed by plaintiffs would be phantasmal.
But the kaleidoscopic light beaming from the boy's open eye sockets seemed to project the child's now-famous nightmares into the space around it--leaving us to wonder, maybe, if the elaborate, hyperreal creation across the gallery was merely a phantasmal manifestation of the tricks played by a troubled mind.
Highmaul: Imperator Mar'gok - Councilor Gorluk's Phantasmal Weapons doesn't cause all players in the zone to go into combat anymore.
The clusters refer to invisible particles that comprise the world of objects: cells, "filmic particles," "droplets en masse phantasmal," and dendrites that "run fast even flash-like.