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Rabbinic Judaism is not the opposite to Pharisaism, but actually in many ways, the inventor after the fact of the Pharisees.
Rather, the oppressor is seen as Pharisaism or the Jewish priesthood or, more often, just "Judaism" itself: its laws, its beliefs, its traditions, its practices, and even its practitioners, without historical distinction.
Caricatures are only effective if they refer to some behavior that is readily observable, so we have to assume that a spectrum of Pharisaism reached this self-congratulatory extreme.
He seems to know nothing of the vast New Testament scholarship that has shown how unhistorical this portrait of the Pharisees is and how close Jesus actually was to Pharisaism.
In 1927, for instance, Lutheran theologian Paul Althaus warned against the "Jewish threat" while at the same time condemning "anti-Semitic Pharisaism.
The response of Pharisaism was similar to today's Islamists, a return to the Law in their Scripture and a return to the Torah.
Modern liberal Protestants who sought the faith of Jesus, rather than the dogma of Christ, were actually looking for Pharisaism.
Fortunately, to this point the Bruins have been able to filter out the pharisaism and focus on what's really important.