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The commander of Baghdad operations stressed the importance of cooperation with the security services to eliminate these negative phenomena.
This came as Social Development Minister yesterday opened the Gulf seminar on (Facing Social Phenomena and Issues in GCC Countries), which was organized by the Social Development Ministry, in cooperation with the Executive Office of the GCC Labour Ministers Council and Social Affairs Ministers, under the patronage of the Social Development Minister.
1 (VI) Phenomenon Merging shows two phenomena merging into one.
metaphysical effect, facticity and factuality, excessive events and saturated events, poor and common law phenomena vs.
Such usages also have a propaganda-like effect on some people's thinking and weaken their ability to weigh carefully the advantages and disadvantages of the phenomena being referred to.
The result of such shooting of one or more phenomena using a set of two camera systems are two films of the same phenomenon, or phenomena from different angles of view according to the position of lenses of the cameras.
Yet phenomena are part of reality and we are subject to the laws of existence.
Transport phenomena are the mechanisms by which energy and mass are dissipated or otherwise move through a system or from one system to another.
Disease transmission cycles are composite phenomena that represent interactions between sets of species: hosts, vectors, and pathogens.
Comparable dynamic behaviours and emergent phenomena of these renewable resource systems compel us to transcend Newtonian and Cartesian approaches to exploration, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.
In studies by the Penn State investigators and others, a rare marriage of technologies is yielding unprecedented visualizations of the shock waves created by a variety of phenomena.
This means vigorous engagement with kindred social scientific and even scientific disciplines exploring similar phenomena.