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It was observed that prices of onions, potatoes, tomatoes, chillies and other vegetables had increased phenomenally while wholesalers and retailers were not following the government-approved rates.
It has been phenomenally successful ever since with a return on retirement investments of about 6.
There are still a few of the phenomenally popular ADAA Roundtables at regional meetings scheduled for the balance of this year.
She's a phenomenally tame bird - the children hold her - but she does need expert care.
That, four-letter word is immortalized on everything front key chains and floor mats to a phenomenally successful 1973 American postage stamp.
Joe Grant, of the Scottish Police Federation, visited the officer at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and said: "He has been phenomenally lucky - but he is also phenomenally resilient.
It is hoped the sale of the copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth instalment of JK Rowling's phenomenally popular series, will raise money for deafblind charity Sense.
As a result, the film comes phenomenally close to exposing what would appear to be an uncaring and racist NRA president--one obsessed more with his abstract right to own firearms (which he admits he doesn't really need) than with any associated social responsibilities.
The pain would be phenomenally intense" says Tami Jo Urban, a Michigan-based tattoo artist.
Wizard-in-training Harry Potter, the fictional star of a series of phenomenally popular children's books, has fended off evil warlocks, giant snakes and a three-headed dog, but he may have just gained his most powerful enemy -- the Religious Right.
What's more, when he's flying he's a phenomenally fine jockey.
Finally, since he does not require that a phenomenally conscious state actually be targeted by some HOT--rather, on his view, it is enough for such a state merely to be available to a HOT--his dispositionalist theory departs from actualist HOT theories such as that offered by David Rosenthal.