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However, this paper present the conceptual framework of factors influencing building security cost following its exploration using phenomenological research design.
2000) Heidegger and meaning: implications for phenomenological research.
Phenomenological research methods for counseling psychology.
Hogan Terence, 1984, Functionalism, Qualia and the Inverted Spectrum, in, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, A Quarterly Journal, Volume XLIV, Number 4.
Due to the care of Professor Teresa Tymieniecka, director of The World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning, this work [Osoba i czyn] will soon be appearing in the English language.
Her award-winning phenomenological research investigates cyborg pedagogies and the mediating influences of digital technologies in education.
Of course, he also not only routinely refers to higher and lower levels, but speaks of phenomenological research as penetrating to ever deeper depths--see, e.
A phenomenological research method focuses on exploring how human beings make sense of experience and transform their experiences into consciousness, both individually and as shared meaning (Patton, 2002).
its favourable review by Richard Polt, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 1995, 55[3]: 725-8; Polt's own Heidegger [1999] may be the best single-author introduction to Heidegger).
Phenomenological research methods state that when exploring an area in which little research is available, describing the experience from the beginning provides a foundation for future research and development of interventions (Patton, 2002).