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His interests include student writer, writing teacher, and writing tutor identity; response to writing; phenomenological research methods; and democratic education.
Flexibility, then, is at the heart of phenomenological research, and it is for this reason that I settled on a semi-structured interview protocol.
Participants for phenomenological research are chosen for being information rich, which according to Patton (2007) is "those from which one can learn a great deal about issues of central importance to the purpose of the inquiry" (p.
2000) Heidegger and meaning: implications for phenomenological research.
Although the goal of phenomenological research is not saturation, we deemed the content was saturated and additional focus groups would not lead to additional information.
Empirical and hermeneutical approaches to phenomenological research in psychology: A comparison.
The phenomenological research method is the most appropriate way to study personal life experience (Lowenberg and Washington 1993).
Instead, it is the beginning of a complex and worthwhile conversation, an ongoing project that seeks to cultivate open-mindedness, feminist perspectives, socially responsible and phenomenological research, and an end to the androcentric practices that marginalize women and thus do harm to their health.
The aim of phenomenological research is to establish a renewed contact with original experience, prior to theorising about it, and to bring to 'light the meanings woven into the fabric' (Raingruber 2003: 1155) of the experience.
Lin, Martin (2007), "Spinoza's Arguments for the Existence of God," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research LXXV(2): 269-297.
A bonus of this chapter is that the author includes detailed, practical advice and guidance on how to conduct phenomenological research.