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The 'Black Moon' phenomenon reportedly occurs on a 19 year cycle.
Al-Rubaie visited today the headquarters of the Municipal Council of Sadr City and met with the Head and members of the local council and discussed with them ways to provide the best services to citizens and discussed a number of negative phenomena, especially the phenomenon of firing shots at events and tribal conflicts.
Ahmed Bilal Osman has said Sudan made great efforts to combat terrorism and immunize youth against the extremist ideology, referring to the dialogue approach that Sudan pursues in order to address the phenomenon of extremism and terrorism.
Senators castigated Department of Agriculture (DA) officials for its unpreparedness in addressing the projected worsening of the El Nino phenomenon in the country.
KUWAIT, March 22 (KUNA) -- Causes of violence and how to counter the phenomenon in the Gulf society is the major topic on the agenda of a conference that kicked off here on Sunday organized by the Kuwait University's Center for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies (CGAPS).
The OIC Foreign Ministers stressed that terrorism is a global dangerous phenomenon that has no homeland nor religion, nor race, and that the Islamic countries and Muslims are the most vulnerable peoples suffering from this hideous phenomenon which is contrary to all Islamic values and teachings.
Writing in a manner that is intended to allow the reader to open to any topic and gain his or her "bearings," he includes chapters on space-time, the known universe, the biosphere, the sociosphere, the phenomenon of family, the phenomenon of state, the phenomenon of religion, and the phenomenon of norms.
Othman recalled the size of the victims and martyrs of civilians and military personnel who died while performing their duties , the emerging of the terrorism phenomenon exploiting the recent events.
The message of the conference is to highlight and discuss the contemporary social phenomenon.
It is important to know the overall shape of such a spatial phenomenon.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The secretariat general of the Council of Ministers discussed on Wednesday the 'emo' phenomenon and ways to solve it, an official source said.
24 -- The Grease Yaka (devil) phenomenon is nothing very new to Sri Lanka.