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Producing significant numbers of tech-related start-ups from Glasgow, and now Edinburgh and Ayrshire bases, it is philanthropically backed by, among others, Sir Tom Hunter.
It became very near and dear to my heart--so much so that I now do it philanthropically and it constitutes the bulk of my philanthropic work.
While they admit they've merely bought themselves jobs for the moment (Leanne has worked in the business for a year now), their intention is not just profitability but also the ability to contribute philanthropically to the planet.
Project-based crowdfunding is a great and cost-effective way to keep these donors philanthropically engaged in smaller fundraising initiatives at their alma mater.
The award citation said "Prince Bandar has made an impact on the national stage commercially and philanthropically.
Vacation Foundation is a unique, non-profit organization managed by a group of philanthropically minded professionals who believe there are many ways to help others.
They're also making a mark philanthropically in town since moving here from California, mostly by working on family-oriented causes like Children First, Forty Carrots Family Center and the planned Children's Rainforest Garden at Selby Gardens.
that control is being challenged by publicly and philanthropically funded research; however, I was struck by a few quotes in Mark's piece alluding to the fact that the 'neurosis about the technology' has created an incredibly tough and labyrinthine regulatory environment that only the big multinationals can afford to negotiate.
And the philanthropically minded company has some cute new styles for summer in quick-dry cotton canvas.
Since many fewer individuals had access to cash during Rockefeller's life, it could be argued that he had much more influence than Gates philanthropically.
Often, too, women extended their efforts philanthropically.
For his part, Al-Barjas stressed that the KRCS' projects and programs get "strong support" from the Kuwaiti leadership, especially from His Highness the Amir of Kuwait who always pays a closer attention to all philanthropically activities.