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This book is also a philippic against those who have allowed--or whose guidance would contribute to--the crumbling of the current international order and the American power on which it is built.
The finest Philippic of the Greek would have been hooted at in the British House of Peers, while an impromptu of Sheridan, or of Brougham, would have carried by storm all the hearts and all the intellects of Athens.
ferocious sally in Philipon's philippic against Louis-Philippe was
Still, however, Rushdie's philippic does serve to raise important questions.
The philippic The Fire Next Time (1963) argues the interconnected destinies of black and white America, resisting the separatist philosophy of Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, and the Nation of Islam, and locates the possibility of black salvation in cooperation: ".
Brassed Off" is a ringing declaration of how important art is to a community, but when the band wins a national championship in London, Danny himself places politics over music with a rousing philippic against the government.
Hers was not a Dwight Macdonald-style philippic against dumbing-down.
The philippic opens with what appears to be a bold pun, one that has escaped all of the commentaries that I have looked at: it is an allusion to even those ("ate os") [83] who are "dedicated utterly / To God Almighty" (Bacon).
Rowse is no longer alive as no doubt he would have had a forceful and justified philippic at his exclusion, given the important work he did on Tudor history.
And Robert Blake's and William Roger Louis's edited collective work on Churchill offers an appropriate counterpoint to Charmley's philippic.
Written in the language of the seventeenth century, the poem is ostensibly a philippic from the famous militant Russian Old Believer and protopope, Avvakum, directed against his deadly enemy, the patriarch Nikon.
Thomas Frank's Latest philippic is lively and well-written and scores a number of direct hits on the frauds who moved to Washington in the name of shrinking government and restoring traditional morality but never found their way home.