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Jones argues that philosophy is always particular and thus "you will discover only particular philosophies.
On the other hand, it still makes sense to me, especially from the position in which I now find myself, in which I have the opportunity and indeed the obligation to be in contact with and support such a wide variety of philosophies all over the world.
One of Carroll's prime philosophies is that in big games, teams that win don't play better, the losing team usually plays worse.
As a high school coach trying to fit an offensive philosophy into a different level of talent, I was struck by the thought that there were elements in both philosophies we might employ in the high school game.
Presenting more then fifty major figures, Eastern Philosophy offers readers a succinct understanding of the lives and messages of such influential sages as Mohandas Gandhi, Laozi, Al-Hallaj, Confucius, Al-Kindi, Zoroaster and the histories of such philosophies as Indian and Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Islamic, and Zoroastrianism.
The language contained in most of these proposals are a deliberate move away from mention of intelligent design and other philosophies that depend on a creator, says the National Center for Science Education's Scott.
Thus, Kinghorn sets the tone of this collection, which draws from diverse philosophies of morality the obvious statement of Christianity as present in The Chronicles of Narnia.
The department continues to refocus its command staff to be more in alignment with COPS philosophies.
Written in collaboration with tai chi teacher and composer Bill Pierson, this is, in reality, a philosophy book, using basic movements of Taijiquan and the underpinning philosophies, to approach the teaching of singing.
He demonstrates convincingly that American education has been deeply influenced by seemingly inconsistent philosophies.
The Hellenic philosophies were closer to the Eternal Mysteries than to the 20th century fashions of Western logicians.
DoD should focus on whether investments in systems that were designed to counter a Cold War threat should be continued and on transforming the philosophies that drive the acquisition processes that produce those systems.