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He doesn't confine his philosophising to toilet talk - like "there's a smell in here that will outlast religion".
Leave the philosophising about the wicked materialism of the world to the rest of us.
What has really damaged them has been the offensive insinuations within some of Mills' half-baked philosophising.
It was the controversy which overshadowed the scoreboard, though - and left Arthur philosophising about natural justice.
The problems Paul faced were that people got so carried away with their philosophising that their basic faith was suffering.
If you liked the formula of their last series, you'll love this - all the usual characters are there with more head-to-head discussions from the philosophising comedians.
A broken marriage here, a death there and some odd philosophising on the meaning of life for good measure.
Sadly, it's not even a good formula - just depressing mid-life philosophising and heard-it-all before musical arrangements.
Lawson compared Shane to a forgotten sit-com which I loved,Shelley, starring Hywel Bennett as the eponymous philosophising lay-about.