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When the learning and philosophizing aspects are either over or not necessary, I have often found that specific relaxation techniques can be adjunctively used to teach behavior modification strategies that can help patients develop skills to tackle specific problems.
And as a social and cultural enterprise, philosophizing is the expression in thinking of cultural change itself.
To take up the theme of eloquence becomes, as it was for Cicero, a medium or occasion for eloquent philosophizing, polemicizing, display, self-reflection, and self-assertion.
And she finds not one meaning, but many, in tracing what putting one foot in front of the other has meant for philosophizing and pilgrimage, civil rights and sexual liberation, faith and feminism.
Philosophizing is, however, managed with a light touch, and, where it does intrude, is part of the narrator's ongoing self-assessment following the collapse of his marriage and central to the questions of interpretation raised by the story Professor Mike Newall has to tell.
Unlike Foucault's rather ethereal philosophizing, however, Evans's presentation of the mechanisms of power rests on concrete historical circumstances and on the exploitation of considerable archival material.
The sequel to the acclaimed The Book of Nights is an ambitious, complex stew made up of many different extremes: sadism and sentimentality, storytelling and philosophizing, irony and sincerity, sugar and salt.
Although the piece is handsomely lighted by Pierre Colomer, Denis Mariotte's music is often startlingly dramatic, and the dancers perform with vigorous commitment, the sum total of the incessant activity and philosophizing fails to pack the expected emotional wallop.
Such philosophizing, as Job's comforters found out, never goes down well with those who actually have to do the suffering.
Less noticed has been the unusual amount of religious philosophizing being done by House Speaker Newt Gingrich these days.
To make it one he has to do away withthe distinction between mind and matter that Rene Descartes set at the basis of modern philosophizing.
00--Besides the two traditional methods of philosophizing (that is, solving philosophical problems and seeking to understand the work of philosophers), Robert Piercey contends that a third has lately risen in popularity: "doing philosophy historically.