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The Choleric, the Sanguine, the Phlegmatic, the Melancholic, the Extrovert, the Introvert
One such example is the pragmatic nature of the phlegmatic type, which has the potential to keep its 'cool' under pressure.
They were similarly phlegmatic in their pursuit of Ajax defender Jan Vertonghen, who yesterday appeared poised to join Tottenham, pulling the plug on any potential move several weeks ago after learning what would be required to prise him away from the Amsterdam club.
For instance, the choleric and melancholic types show more emotional volatility with the phlegmatic and sanguine finding it easier to control their emotions.
Federer was phlegmatic in defeat, saying: "I think Novak played well.
In this highly pertinent and strikingly produced and presented tale the interchange is between phlegmatic Monkey, interrogating Jackass and the commentator, aptly named Mouse.
The weakest results belonged to the phlegmatic participant group.
This results in the cheerful sanguine being characterized by speed and force of feeling but not by depth, while the sad melancholic by less speed and force of feeling but with greater depth, and the fierce choleric by speed and force of action but not by depth, while the calm phlegmatic by less speed and force of action but with greater depth.
The vitamin C in the lemon juice helps open sinus passages and clear phlegmatic congestion.
Phlegmatic molecules Time-lapse snapshots of certain molecules show that they switch between different shapes less often than theory predicted (SN: 6/7/08, p.
Spit is hardly the most romantic name for a racehorse but phlegmatic punters will not give two jots if he runs to form at Hereford.
Wolves boss Mick McCarthy was typically phlegmatic when it came to the matter of dealing with the huge loss of last term's player of the season.