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We have to show this president as the absolute phony he is .
Authorities said at least one of the students used a home computer to create the phony currency.
When UL field representatives found counterfeit labels last year, they confiscated those phony labels whenever possible to help prevent those mis-marked products from reaching the marketplace.
The result of the enhancement is that instead of dropping new connections when the queue is full, older connection requests, presumed to be phony, are dropped.
When confronted by his supervisors on May 5, Donahue allegedly produced phony activity and automotive reports for the days in question.
Cappers" were allegedly paid to solicit clients to report phony work-related injuries.
In addition to stopping phony refunds from being issued, the IRS said it will continue to work with the Department of Justice to aggressively pursue criminal prosecutions of all ELF scheme perpetrators.
In response to name and Social Security number controls placed upon the electronic filing system, Hersch began using the identities of Quik Tax clients on the phony tax returns.
Jerry West might have a beautiful mind for hoops, but this Moulin Rouge act that he's upset over the rumors spread about his interest in other GM jobs is as phony as a Russell Crowe smile.
The conspirators also caused phony appraisals to be prepared and in some cases caused phony title histories to be created so that loans were granted based upon the security of properties which the borrower either did not own or which were subject to senior indebtedness which had not been retired.
BUSINESS WIRE)--July 12, 1995--Investigators for the California Department of Insurance and the Yolo County District Attorney's Office arrested an unlicensed West Sacramento insurance agent and auto repair shop owner Monday on suspicion of felony grand theft after he allegedly stole clients' premiums and provided them phony certificates of insurance.
In their phony attempt at secession negotiations, Los Angeles leaders refuse to give the Valley its fair share or even fair play.