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PRINTING. The art of impressing letters; the art of making books or papers by impressing legible characters.
     2. The right to print is guaranteed by law, and the abuse of the right renders the guilty person liable to punishment. See Libel,; Liberty of the Press; Press.

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Osterburg, like Emerson, Coburn or Stieglitz, is not only the photographer, but has also mastered the difficult technique of photogravure platemaking and printing, controlling all the steps in his artistic process.
But if the industry (and by industry I do not mean the directors, cinematographers, and those behind the camera, but the mind-set and financial psychology of the industry as a whole) can begin to understand film as a medium--as different from digital in the production of images as photogravure is from ink-jet printing--then they will at last realize that they have two mediums with which to make pictures: two entireiy different autonomous and functioning mediums whose coexistence can increase the wealth and richness of their art.
Thames and Hudson's first large-format title with sheet-fed photogravure plates documenting specific building types in England was English Cathedrals by the Swiss photographer Martin Hurlimann (1950), still in print today in a compact, paperback edition.
A photogravure picture La Madeleine was my inspiration for the colour scheme in the open plan kitchen/dining room.
A photogravure print by Alfred Steiglitz, "Goats Outside Paris, 1894," is an early example of reproductions used for publications - in this instance, for Steiglitz's own magazine, Camera Work, founded in 1903.
I am enclosing a photograph I took of it which may be of interest to you as The Birmingham Post is one of the international papers used to make up the photogravure pattern of the plastic table top.
Photogravure consists of improving the quality of the photos before printing media, for touch-ups that allow you to calibrate the images for optimal rendering according to the print medium.
Photographic works are a distinctive presence in the sale, and include a silver print by Imogen Cunningham, Magnolia Bud (estimate: $14,000-$16,000), a 1988 color photogravure, Tiger Orchid (from Flowers suite), by Robert Mapplethorpe (estimate: $8,000-$10,000), and two vintage gelatin silver prints by Man Ray.
Among the show's fourteen works, all made since 2002, viewers will encounter recent movies as well as a large group of framed works, including Found Obsolescence, 2006, a strip of exposed 16-mm Kodak film, and the panoramic T & 1, 2006, a monumental, ghostly photogravure in twenty-five sheets.
Contract award: graphic design services, layout, technical, photogravure, printing and delivery to the office of corsica environment.
The exhibition organized by The Mark Twain House & Museum is based on that book and will feature Coburn's photogravure portraits used for Men of Mark.