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I am now going to tell you about that curious phrase.
But another phrase was uttered by Monsieur Robert Darzac: 'Must I commit a crime, then, to win you?
It was not this phrase, however, that I repeated to him, when we met here at Glandier.
he was greatly troubled, though much less so than he had been by hearing me repeat the phrase about the presbytery.
I told him that in an affair so filled with mystery as this, he had no right to hide this letter; that I was persuaded it was of considerable importance; that the desperate tone in which Mademoiselle Stangerson had pronounced the prophetic phrase,--that his own tears, and the threat of a crime which he had professed after the letter was read--all these facts tended to leave no room for me to doubt.
Terminology, literally speaking, refers to words or phrases that designates certain concepts, phenomena or objects in a field.
To the editor, in their "Methods" section, the authors of "Supplementary Searches of PubMed to Improve Currency of MEDLINE and MEDLINE InProcess Searches via Ovid" state that "PubMed does not accept truncation when phrase searching, so we had to use numerous phrases to capture as many variations as possible.
While Slingerland phrases the translation as strongly as Lau ("Master Zeng said, 'Take great care in seeing off the deceased and sedulously maintain the sacrifices to your distant ancestors, and the common people will sincerely return to Virtue.
However, new titles or descriptive phrases need to be provided in cases where the source title features unpopular names.
Keywords, which are technically keyword phrases, are short three- to five-word phrases your prospects might use when looking for insurance products and services.
Also, with large documents separated into formatted pages, the page and even line breaks can cause phrases that stretch across sections not to be indexed as a phrase.