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Effective phrasing reflects your interpretation of the composer's intent.
Effective phrasing projects the musical organization of the work.
Effective phrasing heightens direction between a unit as small as two notes to a much larger section or form--even within an entire piece.
His innovative use of scat phrasing, which he acquired by being particularly attuned to the music of Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, and Dizzy Gillespie, brought an attention to the musical possibilities of poetry when language goes beyond "meaning.
For each of the two foregoing pattern conditions, groups of mice were subdivided and assigned to two phrasing conditions.
These patterns were presented with or without temporal phrasing cues, resulting in four conditions: Perfect Unphrased (PU), Perfect Phrased (PP), Violation Unphrased (VU), and Violation Phrased (VP) groups.
Although it may be true the allowance for uncollectibles is fairly stated, the response is tainted by the question's phrasing, and therefore neither valid nor relevant.
Also, during the preparation process, the auditor should rehearse how particular questions will be phrased and make sure the phrasing does not bias the question.
Pixies" is particularly challenging because of complicated phrasing and rhythm.
Suzanne Gallo, who danced with ODC/San Francisco, has inherited Brenda Way's punched phrasing, which she's applied to pretty, feel-good dancing.
It has a lively first theme, punctuated by staccato and short, legato phrasing.
The second movement, "Smooth Sailing," features delicate right-hand and left-hand phrasing that is characteristic of a minuet.