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The eroticisation of women's physical appearance is a way of exercising power over women.
According to Ellen McRae Greytak, PhD, Director of Parabon's Director of Bioinformatics, "All human DNA encodes the genetic information that largely determines a person's physical appearance.
Tebow told the magazine that physical appearance matters, but so do the non-physical features too.
Though many may pine for the physical appearance they had in their younger years, America's seniors are the most confident in their looks.
I am quite ashamed that I gave my physical appearance such importance at one point in my life .
When testing the well-known finding that people spend more when given the equivalent amount in lower denominations (four 5 dollar bills) than when holding a large single denomination (a 20 dollar bill), the authors found that the physical appearance of money can enhance, attenuate, or even reverse this effect.
Furthermore, these two themes incorporate both a concern for, and a positive (perhaps inflated) view of one's physical appearance and personal achievements.
Well, it's probably being Cindy Crawford's mum, whose physical appearance Cindy scrutinises for the entirely egocentric reason that she believes women grow to look like their mothers.
Lastly, Maybury's intention was to evoke not Bacon's day-to-day world but the physical appearance of his work - its color and texture, set pieces of figures in rooms, the smeared complicity of human movement and brute paint.
CCB's weight guidelines are spelled out in its contract, which states that the dancer is "prohibited from dramatically altering the physical appearance he/she presented at the audition.
Harter describes several types of competence as potentially important to a child's self-evaluation: scholastic competence, athletic competence, peer acceptance, physical appearance, and behavioral conduct.
Atopic dermatitis has also been found to affect patient quality of life due to its uncomfortable symptoms and how it alters physical appearance.

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