physical being

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Instead the industry should be talking about what it's doing to attract physical beings to its physical stores.
And one of the most destabilizing things to affect our physical beings was the digital seduction that made us think our bodies did not matter much anymore--were not vital to our social presence--because look at what we can do from the safety and anonymity of a keyboard.
Chakra theory provides an intriguing avenue to improved vocal technique and awareness because "examining the chakra system illuminates the fact that we are physical beings with universal energy moving through us (p.
Thinking in terms of spiritual beings having a physical experience or physical beings having a spiritual experience perpetuates the illusion of dualism.
How we, as physical beings, will connect with, interpret and adapt this increasing dataflow residing in our cities is already becoming a significant research question.
However, spatiotemporally finite "time travel" universes can host unending personal torment for infinitely many physical beings, while keeping fixed finite limits on rates of temporal passage.
Monism implies we are physical beings in a physical universe.
We are creatures made largely, like the planet, of water; we are physical beings under the sun, moving in space, small wildernesses of microbes and energies, and all the rest of it; we are made of the same atoms the world, the whole universe, is made of; we are creatures adapted profoundly to the earth in its manifestations--so it should not surprise us that we have weather, too, and are, even in these air-conditioned days, affected by changes of mood of the weather of the larger world--of air pressure and light, or wind and rain and cloud.
There is a misconception in our culture that dancers are purely physical beings.
It's something cultural in our minds, making us think that as physical beings we are not ready to defend ourselves.
It fails to appreciate human beings in their totality as emotional, spiritual and physical beings that God created us to be.
We often forget thatwe aremore than physical beings.
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