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Overlooked physical diagnosis in chronic pain patients involved in litigation.
The website is "dedicated to helping develop the skills of trainees (students and residents) in advanced physical diagnosis techniques and their application to patient care by demonstrating how to conduct attending rounds that include bedside teaching" and is authored by Linda E.
The art of history taking and physical diagnosis are giving way to the primary application of technology.
Those who decry CT overutilization suggest that the art of history taking and physical diagnosis is being cast aside in favor of objective data whose value may be overrated.
In 2002 the DWP, and Health Department, finally recognised the condition as an illness, but still adhered to the psychiatric diagnosis rather than the physical diagnosis.
The investigators enrolled women who met the PMDD diagnostic criteria of DSM-IV and had no other major concurrent psychiatric or physical diagnosis.
In addition, students love physical diagnosis rounds, and we need to harness their enthusiasm.

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