physical force

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The handkerchief wanted but a few hours of being finished, it is true, but the pale cheeks, the hollow eyes and the anxious look, proved at what a sacrifice of health and physical force I had become what I was.
Yet, what weapon was there, save the crude one of physical force, with which Wingrave could strike?
Their distant villages, their hunting-grounds and hundreds of their women and children, together with a material part of their physical force, were actually within the limits of the French territory.
boarding around' with the families of his pupils, in true American fashion, and easily suppressing, on one memorable occasion, the efforts of his larger scholars to inaugurate a rebellion by physical force.
Indeed, there is much more to be said in favour of the physical force of the public than there is in favour of the public's opinion.
Not prepared for a display of physical force, Comrade Ossipon stumbled far into the shop before her push.
In such an establishment, the white-aproned pot-boy with his shirt- sleeves arranged in a tight roll on each bare shoulder, was a mere hint of the possibility of physical force, thrown out as a matter of state and form.
And always there was the sound of the rushing water underneath, the sound which, more than anything else, meant death; the wearing away of things under the impact of physical forces which men could direct but never circumvent or diminish.
Two unknown men approached to the victim and seized the purse with cash using physical force.
The physical force caused the bleed, and the injury was "substantial and life-threatening.
This is what is distinctive about government, compared to all other organizations: it employs physical force to uphold its rules.
He said, AaAaAeAcAaAaAeA@1/4oeForcible transfer does not necessarily require the of physical force by authorities, but may be triggered by specific circumstances that leave individuals or communities with no choice but to leave; this is known as a coercive environment.