physical nature

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He never went anywhere without such a companion wherewith to improve his leisure moments: all time seemed lost that was not devoted to study, or exacted, by his physical nature, for the bare support of life.
An estimated 42% of women over the age of fifteen in Turkey have suffered some kind of domestic abuse of a physical nature.
But the midfielder is adamant he did nothing wrong and believes too many people moan about the physical nature of the game.
The benchmark was set by England; they just kept the pressure right on Wales and the physical nature of that battle means we've got a bit of work to do without a doubt," said Schmidt.
The physical nature of the attacks meant customer data was not compromised.
Much was made about the robust and physical nature of the Ireland clash and England keeper Ben Foster made the headlines with his take on the match: "They were kicking lumps out of each other weren't they?
Scientists will look at differences between the outbursts to decipher their physical nature.
scientists presented their research into images captured by Swift, explaining how these images will help decipher the physical nature of X-ray flares and enabled their discovery of a rare subclass of neutron star.
IAGO ASPAS has said that the biggest difference between playing in England and Spain in the physical nature of the Premier League.
The midfielder insists he has been stunned at the physical nature of life in the fourth tier and claimed referees in Division Three are far too lenient.
RAFAEL van der Vaart has slammed the physical nature of Premier League games - saying he came close to WALKING OFF during Spurs' defeat at Stoke.

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