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When a location is picked clean, the system should know and might ask the operator if the location is now empty.
The two most bloated bye weeks are approaching and luckily for fantasy football owners the 2016 season is still providing players worthy of a waiver-wire pickup at a point in the season when the wire is typically picked clean.
Even the scraps we leave behind are picked clean in short order by hungry scavengers.
Usually at the smaller shows, you presume everything is being picked clean.
Business of News: Taking New Stock," October 2014) Of course, while he was traipsing about the country delivering this message, his own publisher was eating his own paper's seed com to tart up the numbers for a sale of the business in 1997- It's since been bought by GateHouse, picked clean and ground into dust while its execs continue to reap bonuses by firing people.
For the grasping corporate locusts swarming over the NHS, it is just another carcass to be picked clean.
I stood silently contemplating the Five Finger and Troodos mountains, Turkish Cypriots to the north and Greek Cypriots to the south, both brandishing 'pointless' arguments with the sole aim of remaining divided until 'their bones are picked clean and clean bones gone.
Left unprotected, buds can be picked clean in spring and in a miracle of communication faster than any internet connection blackbirds arrive later in the year to feast on what fruit remains.
under some years of leaves and rotted cones, the body of a warbler like a whole note fallen from the sky--my old love for him, like the songbird's rib cage picked clean.
Caption: Though removal of the bomb-created mineral Trinitite from the blast site is a federal crime, this area open to the public has been picked clean compared with nearby spots.
A stocking and a shoe cover one leg, and the other has been picked clean to the bone.