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Caption: Though removal of the bomb-created mineral Trinitite from the blast site is a federal crime, this area open to the public has been picked clean compared with nearby spots.
A well-turned soil, picked clean of weeds and bigger stones, is all you need, with maybe a little fertiliser dug well in.
The ammo dumps we've seen are either partially destroyed or picked clean," said Alexander Griffiths, director of operations for the Swiss group, which now has 35 disposal experts working in rebel territory under a $470 000 US grant.
Conwy Council claimed they had been dead a long time, possibly weeks, but dropped the charges after a vet described how corpses were usually picked clean within days.
ornate and delicate as spun sugar--each S of railing, each baluster and flagpole bearing les couleurs --gleams the parched zinc of roadkill the crows picked clean.
But many sites have already been picked clean and Abu Obeid fears he will soon have to stop working.
But many sites have already been picked clean, and Abu Obeid fears he will soon have to stop working.
Picked clean, two-thirds of the 250,000 whites in Rhodesia when Robert Mugabe took power are gone.
To my dismay, I have found that the military warehouses, even in areas where few Americans have trod, have been picked clean of quality rifles by my 'elves' (actually my cousins and nephews).
Once the clunkers have been picked clean, a forklift puts them up on racks, smog equipment is removed and the fluids drained.
Any carrots deemed unlikely to win a contest were heaved into waiting wheelbarrows, and minutes later, the beds were picked clean.
They then stand or sit before their radio audiences and proudly, sanctimoniously, present, as evidence of their own willingness to do the dirty work on behalf of the cause, the carcass of the story they have picked clean.