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Seeking financing, Picker happened to show it to Bingham Ray, president of MGM's United Artists.
The latest version of the Stock Picker RT is self-updating so users will never have to manually upgrade and all market data is included in the price.
Picker body cylinders and bearings need no lubrication.
In his new post, Picker will oversee the development and production of the company's big event miniseries, two-hour movies, Crayola Kids Adventures and animated projects.
The picker goes to each section and picks each individual item for that order before going back and starting on a new order.
Complete line of robots from simple Excel series sprue pickers to sophisticated Titan II traversing robots.
The vertical tree directs the picker to the exact shelf and compartment, and confirms the quantity of goods to be retrieved.
Investing Systems announced today that the half-price sale on the Stock Picker RT software ends soon.
An entry-level robot, Model UCR150L beam-mounted picker has a 37-in, vertical stroke, 47-in, horizontal stroke, and 5-in.
Growing up outside New York City in the late 1950s, Tobias Picker couldn't stomach most so-called ``children's literature.