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There is no trace of Leavisite pickiness in his choice of examples as he also invites us to think about and then enjoy some splendidly uncanonical works like chapbooks, the Russian lubki and modern Japanese manga.
But there is a way to stop such pickiness, says author Elizabeth Pantley, who promises her No-Cry Picky Eater Solution can end mealtime battles.
O'Neill's managerial career has been characterised by a pickiness in choosing jobs, suggesting assurances over the club's ambitions - and transfer warchest.
This pickiness gives a species what ecologists call a clumped or patchy distribution," Marden said.
Instead, at every instant, a trillion trillion possible futures; the pickiness of pure chance and physical laws seemed like freedom from the scheming of a gloomy god.
Although that situation is extreme, buyers not only have a newfound power in this market, their pickiness means that they are making new demands on brokers' time -- and psyches -- and many have inflated expectations of what kinds of deals they will get.
Seriously worried as a new bride about his notorious gustatory pickiness, laughingly reassured by her sister, "If he's satisfied in bed, the table won't mean a thing," Dovey opts now for the canned peas because "Not a taste bud in Steward's mouth could tell the difference.
Pickiness and academia have no place whatever outside the varsity walls.
Relatedly, Ickes was attacked on all sides for the pickiness with which he reviewed PWA projects.
She'd been hired to rebuild the Lady Razorbacks golf program, and that early in her tenure, pickiness wasn't much of an option in selecting golfers.