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And the food type that's most commonly rejected by the picky child is vegetables.
In my honest opinion, with girls, you are far too picky and a little bit shallow.
The concept of picky eating (a possible risk factor for anorexia nervosa in adolescence) was assessed in 135 children through behavioral signs of picky eating and parents' reports of picky eating at age 3.
The Compaq win is a significant one; the company is notoriously picky when it comes to OEM commitments.
In lieu of a present, your picky friend or family member gets a handsome AGI card announcing a gift that will mean life and hope for a tired, beleaguered world.
Writers beware: Artists are often picky about the terminology.
Actually, it's a compliment, because being picky about grammar is a platinum attribute.
The "Man of the Year" story does not ignore these reactionary positions but, by emphasizing his jet-setting papal style, his multilingual skills, and his visits to the poor in Africa, seems to say, "Picky, picky, picky.
Call me picky if you will, but I thought it was my duty to set him straight on the lingo.
Washington, August 26 (ANI): A new research has indicated that even though hens aren't terribly picky about their mates, they are picky about whose sperm makes it to the egg.
She's picky and bossy and we like a lazy time with the kids.
Should parents worry about the growth of their picky eater?