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In a sample of more than 900 children ages 24 to 71 months old and their caregivers, researchers found that both moderate and severe levels of picky, or selective, eating was associated with psychopathological symptoms such as anxiety or depression.
Of those, 3 percent exhibited signs of severe selective eating and 17 percent were moderately picky eaters.
Their study found significantly higher levels of depression and anxiety among children who were picky with their food - even those who were only moderately fussy.
Lead researcher Dr Nancy Zucker, director of the Duke Centre for Eating Disorders in the US, said: "The question for many parents and physicians is: when is picky eating truly a problem?
If there is nothing to argue about, there is no need to be picky about food.
Whether you sympathize with the behavior or find yourself wondering how a picky eater gets by, so long as you live in America chances are you're not escaping it anytime soon.
8220;But I always warn parents that they must be careful when approaching meals with picky eaters.
I'm a picky person, I always have been," he told (http://www.
SUFFERING SUCCOTASH: A PICKY EATER'S QUEST TO UNDERSTAND WHY WE HATE THE FOODS WE HATE comes from a picky food fan who examines the choices and reflexes involved in picky eating, from genetics to learned habits.
The nice thing about having a small yard is that if you do have a picky eater you have the time to deal with it by treating them as an individual.
London, Jan 13 ( ANI ): Serena Williams has admitted that she is so picky that it has stopped her from going on any dates.