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I conclude with a poem in which textuality and language clearly assume precedence over pictoriality, the unillustrated "Autumn Even-Song" by George Meredith.
With a strong emphasis on the pictoriality that characterizes her work, each vignette is carefully constructed both to mirror each woman's cultural and aesthetic heritage, and to engage in an eclectic dialogue with both the avant-garde and classical pictorial traditions.
It is the final stop of the road trip for Western pictoriality, which, at its watery westernmost point, ramifies endlessly, on postcards and T-shirts and the sides of custom vans, into an infinity of California sunsets.
On the one hand, in analyzing the triangular relationship between image, idea, and word, Wang advances the notions of viewing (or observing) image (guan-xiang) through word and viewing (or observing) idea (guan-yi) through image, which hint at the visibility or pictoriality of idea, "for the very idea of an `idea' is bound up with the notion of imagery" (Mitchell 5).
And in so doing, I developed my ideas of pictoriality.