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Philosophia, the avant-garde engineering venture, is home to 4+D Technology(SM) powering holo idea live omni simulation, optimization, picturization, harmonization, integration and animation.
43) Publicity in the Gaelic American claimed, "President De Valera has personally sanctioned Ireland a Nation as a picturization of the reality.
Fox Studios released The Big Trail, a picturization of westward expansion on the Oregon Trail in the mid-nineteenth century, only a few months after Abraham Lincoln.
In terms of narrative content, cinematic style, and conceptualization of characters, the melodramatic mode, broadly defined as Gledhill does, is conspicuously present in Bombay social films of the late 1940s and 1950s in the form of non-psychological characters, a Manichean moral order, and emotional excess concentrated in song sequences, often with overtly stylized or symbolic picturization.
All of this is quite new for Bollywood, particularly in relation to even the most recent picturizations of such (morning after) moments.