piece of architecture

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I now glanced sideways at this piece of architecture.
Julian said: "Just as a piece of architecture, it's beautiful.
Claire added: "The new glass atrium which has been built within the castle walls, is a state of the art, beautifully designed piece of architecture which brings together the old and new, and will provide a space for guests to relax and enjoy a morning coffee.
For instance, you can submit an image of an experience that is undeniably Boston, a perfect Boston moment captured in time or a picture of your favorite Boston landmark, monument, piece of architecture, park, green space or urban landscape.
Our headquarters stands out as best in class - it is a fantastic piece of architecture.
We can never take for granted the flash of insight that comes from watching a great documentary or reading a great memoir or novel or seeing an extraordinary piece of architecture.
Kevin says: "The most important piece of architecture any of us ever experience is the home we live in.
The "vision" for which the council paid PS1million to Jerde has flown out of the window leaving the banal City Centre South and Bishop Gate, heralded as an iconic piece of architecture justifying several trips to Cannes but now a mere anonymous retail park at best.
The temple is a wonderful piece of architecture, and to see it was a once in a lifetime experience," contestant from El Salvador, Paola Vanessa, who is an architecture student, said.
The dramatic new building sparked mixed reactions, and perhaps that's inevitable with any new and bold piece of architecture.
And an event at Denbigh, held by the National Eisteddfod of Wales on August 3, could see one piece of architecture awarded the gold medal.
Manah was probably one of the highlights for me because of the dense urban fabric, the really organic feel to the architecture there, and the rich connection to what seemed like a strong cultural, significant piece of architecture in the area," explained American student Levi Van Buggenum.