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Another client, Phil Mitchell, was astonished by the response his press release created; “We decided to try a Piece of Cake Press Release for our latest book.
A wealthy civil servant on an unlimited budget - such as Bond - is a piece of cake to insure, argues Mr Bucke, a specialist in "insuring the uninsurable".
A Piece Of Cake en route to winning the Borders National JOHN GROSSICK
Helpers and staff at the Myton Hospice shop, Brook Street, enjoyed a drink and piece of cake as part of a double celebration.
Eating a piece of cake launches a flurry of chemical processes.
It was a piece of cake for Ben the Giraffe when Lotto numbers girl Carol Smillie gave him his birthday treat.
Everyone knows that building in New York City is no piece of cake.
The slices are accompanied by the printed ceremonial programmes for the wedding, and with the piece of cake from Princess Anne's wedding the buyer will receive silver printed wedding breakfast cards, the official invitation, two tickets and the order of service.
SUPPORTING the British Heart Foundation Cymru's 50th birthday is a piece of cake for The Sound Of Music star Connie Fisher.
LONG-SERVING Nettles as Barnaby FINAL ACT Last scenes PIECE OF CAKE Tom blows out the candles on his police career
Newsreading is not something to get self-important or petulant about, it's a piece of cake, the easiest job in the media.
Rosemary said: "It's a piece of cake to support St Cuthbert's by becoming a regular giver.