piece of land

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Bob Newton captured the moment the |Yorkshire Air Ambulance landed on a tiny piece of land in Roundway, Honley
Their front, side and rear gardens would win prizes but outside their rear door is a small piece of land they own.
The applicant must not have a piece of land pre-allocated by the ministry for himself or a member of his family.
e quest to sell every piece of land and building in the city to the university is the real reason that green belt land is being turned over to housing and there is no room in the city for a full size swimming pool.
The Junction@Kwathema development will finally involve setting facilities on a nine hectare piece of land, with development of the first phase to involve developing of 16,000mA piece of land.
In addition, one of the five pieces of land he was shown was close to the coast in Polis, but the piece of land in Polis he actually bought, is nowhere near the sea.
SWABI -- A brother killed his brother over a piece of land on Monday, said police.
A piece of land in Bushehr and two pieces of land in Qatar; one in Al-Ruwais port and another in Doha city, have been allocated for trade transactions between the two countries," Torkan said on Saturday.
Another 8 acre piece of land was spotted at Fort Munro hills top as the concluding point of the chair lift.
On Monday, a dispute over the ownership over a piece of land sparked an armed clash between the two tribes, leaving five houses burnt.
The church is built on a piece of land gifted by His Highness Dr.
Sameh Haj Mohamad, a TABO customer, was able to realize his family's dream of owning an affordable piece of land in Palestine, Union Construction and Investment (UCI) said in a press statement.