piece of legislation

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In this episode of Budgetline, Aman and Ross sit down with Senate Finance Chairwoman Jane Nelson, who voted against her first state budget in 1993 as a freshman senator and is now in charge of writing that most essential piece of legislation.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (often shortened to SOX) is a piece of legislation passed by the U.
When the Taoiseach is set to expel a junior minister for voting with her conscience he should consider the position of his deputy, who has turned a serious piece of legislation into a YouTube sensation.
A draft piece of legislation concerning the acquisition by Romania of F-16 aircraft from Portugal will be introduced to a Wednesday's meeting of the Government and then submitted to Parliament for approving the acquisition procedure, Romania's Defence Minister Mircea Dusa said Tuesday at Deveselu.
After hearing the three pitches, the audience were asked to vote one piece of legislation into Room 101, and narrowly opted to consign thousands of pages of tax code legislation to history.
The proposed levy on carrier bags would hardly be the most important piece of legislation ever to hit the statute books.
A LANDMARK piece of legislation that could make the marine life around Wales sustainable has come to fruition, environmentalists said yesterday.
What he did say was that the forthcoming Equality Billwould combine and streamline nine Acts, 100 pieces of legislation and 2,500 pages of guidance into a single piece of legislation.
And in our discussions today, we've all agreed to work together to address some of the major concerns that some people have about this piece of legislation--without weakening the essence of the bill--and get a piece of legislation done.
THE PRESIDENT: Laura and I want to thank Senator Kennedy and Congressman George Miller and Congressman McKeon and Senator Enzi for joining us as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of No Child Left Behind and discuss our strategy to reauthorize this important piece of legislation.
by taking the fuel problem into his own hands -- "I wrote my first piece of legislation," he said.