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LLOYD SALTMAN has seen his old amateur pals shine on the Euro Tour and admits he's desperate for a piece of the action.
Whenever Mexicans make a call--or light up a smoke, go out to lunch or drive on a new highway--chances are Slim has a piece of the action.
IT'S the biggest Scoop6 pot in the bet's nine-year history, and two Racing Post readers will have a great chance of grabbing a piece of the action thanks to our fantastic competition.
And 29 companies were looking for a piece of the action, with 16 advancing, four staying put and eight taking a tumble.
Corn used to make ethanol is getting a bigger piece of the action at American farms, and that means higher costs for making pizza and other products, according to Schwan Consumer Brands, Bloomington, Minnesota, which hiked its prices five percent Aug.
And, of course, give Hollenstein a piece of the action.
If you connect the dots between changes in the business of entertainment, news, text messaging, blogging, payment systems, search functions and e-commerce, you'll understand why the companies that offer these systems all want a piece of the action.
WHILE the crowd went ballistic and the growing band of hangers-on rushed to get a piece of the action, an interesting image stood out as Amir Khan celebrated his professional bow.
Disorientation is greater for migrant workers--China's rural poor who flock to urban areas like Shanghai hoping to get some piece of the action but instead find themselves shunted to the streets, watching an increasingly affluent world pass them by.
First, it's easier to discuss the appeal of the stock market, the popularity of mutual funds and the exuberance of owning a piece of the action with a prospective customer.
When it comes to nanotechnology, almost every industry wants a piece of the action.
Now you can get your own exclusive piece of the action with their new membership scheme.